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Ziff-Davis Net 5-Star Rated SoftwareFamily Matters 3.31 was a finalist in the Family Internet category in the 1998 Ziff-Davis Shareware Awards competition.pcmag.gif (17971 bytes)

Impressions and Reviews of Family Matters (versions earlier than 5.00)
Return To Home Page) is running a program to certify shareware and freeware software. We are pleased to inform you that your software Family Matters 4.23c has been tested on 09 Jul 2009 by one of our software engineers and has been found "SAFE TO INSTALL" on any computer. It has been granted the "SAFE TO INSTALL" certificate. This means that your software contains no viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans and backdoors and installing it poses no threat to the operating system. We would also like to congratulate you for the quality of your product. It exceeds the quality standards of many other software products in this category.  Aline Smith, Windows Editor at

I have been a long-time user of the Family Matters software and have had a website up for several years. Thank you for your fine work and quick solution to a problem. Being in software support myself for a large company, ADP, I know how frustrating it can be sometimes. And a few kind words always mean a lot. Thanks once again for a really great product that has kept me devoted to it for years. JM, Snellville, GA (FM user since 1998)

Know that your efforts are MUCH APPRECIATED by me and I'm sure also all others in the genealogy research arena. Bravo! Kudos! Spectacular! Well done!! SB, Tucson, AZ (FM user since 2000)

Fantastic product!! Thank you. I'm already up to 2,160 persons, (though most of the work was done on paper by my Dad back in 1990). Will shortly be putting it on the web (putting pictures / headstone shots etc. at present), and the web creation facility is also fantastic. KJ, Australia (FM user since 2002)

I want to tell you that I continue to be sold on Family Matters no matter how much I read about fancy programs with bells and whistles. I particularly appreciate the new Citations capability. One of the gifts of the program is that you lead an amateur, from the very beginning, to keep track of Sources. Not only does that establish good habits, but is a godsend when the information quickly piles up. JE, Muskegon, MI (FM user since 2002)

Also, Ray, let me tell you how much I appreciate the Web interface. It's so much better than any of the other programs I've looked at. I'm trying to make it work with MS FrontPage, and it's doing pretty well so far. NW, Irving, TX

I ran into your impressive software package after trying at least 6 commercially popular packages. I liked yours most for the clear and simple layout. What also attracted me was an open architecture utilizing MS Access. ST, Charleston, SC

BTW, I still like FM, even though some friends of mine have tried to steer me to other packages, like Ancestry Family Tree and FTM. In fact, I enjoy it more now that I have put it on a laptop and can do the citations as I go at a research site. PG, Streamwood, IL

Just to let you know how appreciated you are, you've got a wonderful product. Family Matters is the best genealogy software I've come across--the best investment in software I've made. Keep up the good work. BP, Nagoya, Japan

Family Matters is a nice piece of work; it is well suited for research. I most recently used it to aid research a series of conferences that happened at Lake Mohonk, Ulster Co., NY, between 1885 and 1916. As the family that owned the resort was important the family form was quite useful. Also, as I was researching the correspondence between individuals and the conferences, families and societies involved, the individual window made it the optimum choice allowing me to do brief biographies of each and also make easily multiple citations per source, with the ability to edit and delete sources and citations. LM, Tulsa, Oklahoma

After your recent assistance we've managed to build our website using Family Matters. It is remarkably easy to do. Thanks for a great user-friendly program. SM, Penrith, Australia

I'm extremely impressed by the software as I've done some coding for Access myself and it doesn't approach what you've written. I look forward to getting registered and expanding my database. So far I have found NO bugs! Which is one of the reasons I'm coughing up the $35. Keep up the good work! RF, Charlottesville, Virginia

Thank you for your prompt service. I am intrigued at the features you have offered thus far. I think you have a fantastic product. BD, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Click to read the full text of Nick's reviewFamily Matters offers a personal database for researching and collecting your family's history. The program also allows you to easily publish your genealogical family tree to the World Wide Web. It automatically generates the HTML code, so you can quickly upload the data to a web page. History buffs will enjoy creating a Chronicles files for charting the life and times of their ancestors. Family Matters offers a feature-packed interface that lets you efficiently manage your information. Nick Smith's 5-Emoticon rating and review of Family Matters, version 4.14, RocketDownload (click the logo at left to read the full text).

Ray, I am really enjoying your software. It has inspired me to do a lot of family research since I have a place to log everything. I have spent many hours learning about my family. Thank You. PG, Everton, Missouri.

Family Matters is a simple and intuitive genealogy program for both experienced and inexperienced users. It features a graphical user interface; automatic data linking; unlimited databases for family member entries, events, and photos; a quick search function; chart and report printing; and more. CNET's

Genealogy: Family tree buffs will flip over Family Matters from MatterWare. This impressive genealogy database manager is a steal at $25. It includes extra tools to make your GEN coding easier and even generates the Web pages to display your database. Kewl (and Useful) Tewlz, ZDNet Software Library - Download top-rated shareware, freeware, demos and more.

Family Matters: This powerful Microsoft Access database system can help you gather data for your family tree, from data input and organization to generation of HTML files for your own genealogical web site. Jon C.A. DeKeles, Technical Director, ZDNet Anchordesk, "Killer Downloads", May 27, 1999.

After using your Family Matters program I am happy to say that it is most user friendly and unlike many other applications it does what you have said and more with ease. I am strongly recommending it to all my family and friends. ... Once again thank you for your support and I am sure that you have may satisfied customers. AM, Narraweena, Australia.

I really like your software. The family groups and relationships are easy to use. Without doing much clicking, I can enter family data and notes and then go up and down the decendancy ladder. Others make you go through some difficult maneuvers to do this. WM, Mukwonagol, WI.

As an Access programmer, just wanted to tell you that this is about the best use of MS Access that I've ever seen! RA, Cherokee Village, AR.

Ziff-Davis Net awarded Family Matters, version 4.02a, its 5-Star rating (reviewed 29 Dec 1998); the same rating awarded to Family Matters 3.31 a year before. You can read their review (and download) at the Ziff-Davis Net web site.

The South Africa edition of PC Magazine online awarded Family Matters its 1998 Shareware Award.

Congratulations on a fine program. I have already been singing the praises of the program on the mailing list to which I subscribe. I hope that you get some more registrations from my messages. RS, Sydney, Australia.

I love your program. I downloaded it around 4:00 one afternoon and worked with it until 5:00 am that first night! I've spent many more hours on it since then. It's just what I needed. Thanks. PG, Everton, MO.

Ziff-Davis' FamilyPC Magazine's editors selected Family Matters 3.31c as a finalist in the 1998 Shareware Awards competition in the Family Internet category. The announcements of the winner was made July 16, 1998 at the Shareware Industry Conference. PC Magazine, FamilyPC, and Computer Gaming World participate in this.

My web page is now running. Your software worked wonderfully from entry of the first person to completion of the web page. I love this product. It was easy to learn, very complete and made a beautiful web site. BS, Las Vegas, Nevada..

Family Matters 3.20b ... An excellent feature of the family group screen is the notes area on the right side of the screen. Each area allows users to enter up to 65,000 characters of text. ... One of the best new features of the program lies in its ability to convert family data to HTML for inclusion in a web site. With a quick point and click interface, that asks you some basic questions, you can design a frames-based site. This took less than a minute to do and produced fairly competent HTML code. By using the HTML wizard, you can add such elements as backgrounds, images, hot-linked e-mail addresses, titles, and welcome pages. The software provide powerful database indexing features, with WebNotes that allow visitors to perform searches on your site. This feature alone makes the product do more than most HTML packages ...Family Matters. John Dujay looks at a powerful new shareware program for Windows. Family Chronicle Magazine, July / August 1997.

Thank you for adding information on LDS activities in your program. That is one of the key reasons I chose your software. I am very pleased with the program so far, and can't wait to get the registration so I can add families 11 and on! Good job on writing the program! SL, Aurora, Colorado.

A Short Collection of Quick User Atta-Boys:

Thanks for the GREAT program! JH
Great program! The web pages feature is truly nice. I've also recommended it to three of my cousins. CM
I was searching the web for genealogy software, and yours looked good. I tried it, and now I'm hooked! RB
This program is cool, Ray. Excellent job!!! DH
Thanks for a great product! TE
You are to be congratulated! Family Matters 3.1 is terrific! The Website Generation facility is really good -- I really like what you've done with this. Thanks for a super product! LF
I LOVE the new features! JW
I love the Web support (how did you know I wanted that???). I am quite impressed with what you've done in version 3.10. LW
I must say, that I am very satisfied with FM and wish you furthermore much success with this program. NB

Ray Nicklas has issued a major new release [3.00] of his Windows genealogy program called Family Matters. The big change in version 3.0 is the unlimited number of events. Previous versions had limitations on how many events could be attached to one record. A number of other enhancements have also been made, such as enhanced date calculations, a Group Form action button enabled when multi-spouses are present, and the addition of date qualifiers of Between, FromTo, From, and To.

I downloaded the demo version of Family Matters 3.0 from CompuServe and used it for a while. It is very easy to use and is intuitive at all times. I entered data on the Group view that looks like a family group sheet. It was nice to see three large note areas: (1.) Primary Notes, (2.) Spouse Notes and (3.) Family Notes. Each of these can have up to 65,000 characters of information. Also, Family Matters can attach scanned photographs or other graphic images to a record.

Family Matters is based upon "family groups" rather than "family trees." In other words, it focuses primarily on a family unit and then draws relationships to that family. Data entry is normally done at the Family Group view. Many other genealogy programs focus on individuals instead of families, with data entered and displayed as pedigree charts. Family Matters certainly can display pedigree charts as well, but its focus is on the family.

There is a long list of forms that may be displayed on-screen, including: Family Group Form, Pedigree Form, Descendancy Form, Family View Form, Individual View Form, Event View Form, Relationship Form, Event Dictionary Form, a Print Form and others needed for "housekeeping" procedures.

One technical note of interest is that Family Matters uses the Microsoft Jet Database Engine. Family Matters is a Microsoft Access run-time application, with all the necessary run-time programs supplied. It is a multi-user program, so several people can access the database simultaneously. Also, an accomplished Microsoft Access programmer should be able to create new utilities to work with the Family Matters database.

The previous release of Family Matters has become quite popular. I noticed that the earlier demo had more than 500 downloads on CompuServe alone. For more information about Family Matters, contact author Ray Nicklas at []. The shareware version can be downloaded from CompuServe's Genealogy Forum; I suspect it is available on the other online services as well. Dick Eastman, CompuServe Genealogy SYSOP and author of "Your Roots: Total Genealogy Planning on Your Computer", Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, Vol. 1 No. 41 October 21, 1996, Weekly Summary of Events and Topics of Interest to Genealogists.

Seems like an excellent piece of software, which has already allowed breakthroughs in personal research. FS, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England

My sister and I are constructing our Family Tree, and are very impressed with your software. We have looked at five different packages, and yours is the best. We have now reached the 10 Family limit and urgently need the User ID and Key Code to enable us to expand our records. We have also shown the software to a number of other people who very interested in getting a copy. I will hand on the details to them. Keep up the good work; you have created a very easy to use, and intuitive program. FS, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

I have just started using your program, and I like the feel of it - Family Group and the ease of following the trees. DT, Watson, Australia

You are to be congratulated on a very intuitive programme. I like it a lot and this gives me the much needed boost to actually get on with it and document this all before the principal characters in our family who hold the verbalised record die or forget! GS, Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Family Matters version 2.41 was released recently. This Windows program is written in Microsoft Access Basic 2.0. Family Matters was first released last October and has been updated a couple of times since then. The program has an excellent Windows user-interface that includes the ability for a user to size Window fonts and fields, which maximizes the visible data and children displayed. It also has a draggable/dockable toolbar.

Family Matters features a Family Group Form as its primary interface. Other on-screen displays include a Family Group Report, a Pedigree Form and Report, and photographs, as well as room for notes and commentary. New in the present release are a descendancy form and report, plus an individual report. The program also has full GEDCOM import and export. Dick Eastman, CompuServe Genealogy SYSOP and author of "Your Roots: Total Genealogy Planning on Your Computer", Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, Vol. 1 No. 7 February 26, 1996, Weekly Summary of Events and Topics of Interest to Genealogists.

Family Matters [2.40] is a good basic genealogical database program with some very advanced features. Family Matters includes support for Object Linking and Embedding (OLE). Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), and multiple users. If the database resides in a network, many users can access, add to, and manipulate the data without interfering with other programs. These are all advanced features that we have not seen in a genealogical program before. It provides the necessary functions to save information on your family, and view and print that information. The advanced features included in Family Matters also make this a good choice. Ron Olsen, Computer and On-Line Systems Operator, Everton's Genealogical Helper, January / February 1996, Genealogy Software Reviews.

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